Apartment Renting Tips

Finding a new apartment can be a daunting task, and whether you’ve just graduated college, recently moved to the area, or have just ended an apartment lease elsewhere, we’ll provide you with a few great tips on renting apartments in Cedar Falls and what to be aware of before making the move.  There are always a number of questions that arise before you begin your search.  Should I buy renters insurance?  What’s a security deposit?  How do I make sense of a lease agreement?  We’ll try to help tackle a few of these questions and get you on the road to securing your next apartment.

Where do I start looking?

Well, you’ve started in a good place! This website gives you an idea of what type of apartments are available in the Cedar Falls area, but there are many other places you can look.

Rent Cedar Valley is one of the best places to start. This website provides a number of homes and apartments currently available for rent in Cedar Falls. Use the convenient “Search By Availability” feature to filter through homes that are only available during the months you’re looking to rent.

How can I avoid any potential problems with my rental agreement?

Don’t be naive about your approach to renting an apartment.  There are always setbacks involved in your apartment search, and you need to be aware of any individuals who will look to take advantage of you instead of providing you with a quality experience.

Give yourself the appropriate amount of time to find the right apartment.  Don’t think you’ll have your lease signed and be moved in to a great apartment in a few days.  If you truly want to enjoy your next apartment, take your time and find the apartment that’s the right fit for you.

Don’t rush or be pressured into a quick decision.  Every apartment complex will have different amenities – parking, security, convenience – so take the time to evaluate each and every one to determine if it’s right for you.  Don’t go for the first one you find and take the time to understand why each option would be a good fit or not.

Do I really need renters insurance?

While you may not feel you need it, everyone can benefit from renters insurance.  You might think you don’t have enough valuables to purchase a policy, but renters insurance covers more than just your personal property.  You’ll also be covered if for some reason the apartment is deemed unlivable, and if anyone is injured on your property that will be covered as well.

If you decide to get renters insurance, shop around to save money.  Get a few quotes on renters insurance from separate companies, as costs will vary from one to the next.  Be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Are there other rental options for apartment living?

Renting an apartment can be a very temporary thing, or it can be a permanent way of living depending on your situation.  If you plan on taking a more temporary path, there are other rental options to take advantage of while your renting an apartment.

Storing your belongings in rental units.  If you’re downsizing, moving from a home to an apartment, or just have too much stuff for the apartment you’re moving into, a rental storage unit can be a great solution.

Transportation such as bikes, scooters, or even public transportation.  If you find yourself without a vehicle, consider renting some transportation equipment, and while it might not qualify as renting, taking advantage of public transportation while you’re without a vehicle can be a good option.  Can’t afford a car?  See if you and any roommates would be open to splitting the costs.

Need some furnishings?  Consider renting furniture.  This can be a really good fit if you’ve just graduated college or are leaving your parents house.  If you find yourself without enough furniture to fit your new apartment, check out your rental options.

How about a nice TV?  You can rent that too.  Many companies exist that allow you to use the money you pay during the rental period to be credited towards an eventual purchase.  Explore rent-to-own options if you don’t have a chunk of change sitting around to buy new electronics.